Cluster Managing Committee

The Cluster Managing Committee (Hungarian abbreviation: KIB) is the cluster’s managing organization, strategic controlling body which is appointed by the members. Three people constitute the Committee, and the mandate of each lasts five years.

Cluster Management Organization

Innoskart Nonprofit Business Development Ltd.

It is the operative controlling body of Innsokart. The Cluster Management’s duties are implemented by Innoskart Nonprofit Business Development Ltd. together with KIB. Their mission is the fulfilment of operative and administrative tasks concerning the cluster’s operation.
The Cluster Management operates with respect to the Organizational and Operational Regulation, and to the strategy represented by the Cluster.

The Cluster Management organization’s competence

  • Assignment of the operative aims of Innsokart members, the development of the cluster’s regional cooperation policy
  • Harmonizing the utilization goals of the resources available for public cooperation
  • Permission of the cluster to the members’ tenders if necessary
  • Reinforcement of the admission of new members, handling the database of the cooperating members, inclusive of the Innsokart’s archives.