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Sipospack is a dynamically developing young company, which due to its 20 years of experience, continuous development investments and two modern manufacturing plants has become a dominant player in the market of plastic packaging materials in Hungary.

Company History

The predecessor of Sipospack Ltd. has been active since 1990 in the field of producing package materials. Continuous development, responsible management and the assurance of a strong financial situation are important parts of the company’s strategy. From the very beginning the founder of this company keeps as the primary objectives continuous technical development and the profit is invested in the firm to meet the market’s requirements. Due to high quality products the company has achieved the recognition of their partners.

Sipospack Ltd. was established in the spring of 1996. It is a dynamically growing young firm which obtained a considerable market position with a series of developments in the production of plastic wrap. The company’s headquarters in Herceghalom was bought in 1999. It was particularly beneficial to the purchase of modern, heavy-duty machines and putting into service machines that were developed and manufactured by the company. It was an opportunity to establish a factory that is suitable for the modern requirements and it helped to create more advanced and more secure conditions to produce high quality products.

Due to continuous developments the corporation increased the number of its customers, extended and widened its activities. With the introduction of the newest technology and the continuous rise of the production, it succeeded in doubling every year the previous year’s results. The company increased the assortment of the products, which enlarged the market possibilities and it strengthened the company’s position in the market. The company produces and distributes not only plastic wrap but also basic materials (BOPP, CPP). Our firm is currently the biggest distributor of Taghleef industries’s distribution network, which is the only producer of the BOPP cling film in Hungary. We have achieved success both in domestic and foreign markets.

Quality Management System

The basic requiremet is to guarantee reliable and high quality. We comply with customers’ orders within short time (from design to implementing).

As a consequence our firm is concerned in the constant control of the quality and has got the certification of ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:1996.