Address: 7523 Kaposfő Ady E. u. 15.
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Telephone:  +36 30  502 6416
Fax: +36 82 477 048

About Us

NIVOVAS Kft is a society dealing with pool cover manufacturing and development in Kaposvár, but functioning all over the European Union, exporting 80% of its production through a reseller network in 14 countries. The company has been born in order to serve its actual and futur commercial partners in a high level.

Our professional activity is to create and develop high quality pool covers thereby we satisfy every need. The pool covers are our developments, made exclusively for this reason, in the design of our company, of aluminium profile families. The manufacturing processes are made in quality assurance systems according to the standards and regulations acknowledged in European Union.

Our production is functioning in ISO 9001:2008 quality control system. Our inventions patented in the patent office assure that our customers may acquire the most modern and the finest solutions exclusively at our company.

Since 1998, NIVOVAS Kft is one of the regular participators on the greatest international expositions, where we show our continuously developed et modernized pool covers before the general public.

By our references, property background, efficiency and specialist team, we are able to give optimal and professional answers in every case for the customers’ inquiries. We do our best to enter into a correct contract with our partners which reassures both parties and contains suitable warranties. We work with colleagues disposed of wide-ranging professional qualification, at the same time our suppliers are notable national and international quality controlled companies who are our permanent and reliable partners many years since.

The high quality pool covers made by our firm stand their ground on the european market thereby they are very popular and successful, rivalling with the products of any manufacturer in the European Union because of their very high quality and favouring price.