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We turn our customer’s ideas into marketable solutions

Our company offers tailor-made services for innovation, with expertise in a wide range of engineering and scientific areas, supported by professionals in project management and coordination at a European level.If you are an innovative entrepreneur or start-up, we can help transform your ideas into profitable solutions. We offer a selection of integrated technical, administrative and financial services.

If you are an established company, we can help you grow through scientific and technological development.

Our integrated list of services for SMEs is what makes us different


We offer innovative engineering services, related to multiple sectors, technologies and industry applications.

Strategic Support

We help develop your innovation. We validate your concept, study the market and assess risks.

Fundraising and Venturing

We help the SME secure the required funds through the European Commission or private investment.

Project Management

We have highly experienced engineers, project managers, business developers and researchers for any R+D+I project.

Business Development

We can transform business opportunities into reality to help the client introduce a successful product into its portfolio of products and services.


We provide business and technological excellence to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) to develop their ideas into profitable innovative solutions.

Specialization in

  • R&D;
  • Innovation Project Management;
  • Innovative Engineering Solutions;

15+ years of experience.
We are the SME with thehighest number of SME-targeted projects in the Seventh Frammework Programe (FP7)100+ Engineers

  • 30+ PhDs
  • 170+ projects.
  • 600+ SMEs involved.
  • 25+ European countries represented.