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Our company has been working successfully since 1999, deals with manufacturing, distributing and building in plastic doors and windows. The products are made of German basic material, with German technology. Our good quality machines and well trained colleagues have taken over the roles of manual work. Due to hard and successful work we have achieved the result that our desired plans have come true.
At the end of 2005 we moved to our newer hall having greater capacity. This investment was strongly needed as we had to keep up with the ever extending market and expectations. This also proves that our company has created a strategy with which it ensures its position in the market. In 2009, due to a successful tender we started to develop other premises. As a result we can manufacture everything from manual work requiring unique manufacturing to orders requiring the most modern technology.Keeping up with developments and expectations, customer centered view and great flexibility are of major importance. Our company managed to reinforce and to obtain a stable position in the market with guaranteed quality and meeting deadlines. Serving customers, meeting their demands require great attention. We are trying to do our best to meet these expectations in the increased competition of the market.

We deal with serving residents and also with reseller partners. We are striving to expand in greater and greater territories and we are hoping the fact that our effort will have its result and also that we can ensure a secure background with satisfying the growing market demands.


  • Preliminary survey
  • Consultation
  • Creating offer
  • Production tailored to size
  • Knocking down- building in

Product information:

We are specialized in manufacturing and distributing plastic doors and windows, and we started to deal with manufacturing aluminum doors and windows in May, 2007.