Our latest cluster meeting in Budapest, on November 28, 2017, was in the spirit of the importance of digitalization.

We have discussed many advantages and disadvantages of digitalization.

Some quick gains organizations are discovering as the result of digitalizing:

•Improve accessibility and facilitate better information exchange worldwide

•Increase response time and customer service anywhere in the world

•Improve the efficiency of business processes, consistency, and quality worldwide.

So then we can say that if an organization adopts today’s digital technologies, it will enable decision makers to have access to all the information they need all the time, from anywhere, and from any device they choose.

The question is: With all these advantages, why are we not seeing all organizations moving to a fully digital environment?

Adopting today’s technologies is no longer optional, the businesses with the best technologies will win because they will have agility and cost efficiencies that others can not have. 

If you are a decision maker in an organization, it is important that you understand that digitization offers an opportunity to integrate business records in digital form accessible by anyone you need.