Natureef project wishes to better understand its target third country ecosystems with focus on the applicability of four Natural Resources Efficiency priorities. This knowledge will enable participating clusters to promote natural resources efficiency business in South America, Asia and ASEAN Countries for enterprises based in Natureef cluster consortium countries.

The first study visit went to Latin America, Colombia. The main objectives were to have a general overview of 1.) natural resources in Colombia and 2.) the agricultural sector in Colombia with focus on flowers and plant industry (fruits, vegetables etc.)

During the visit, Mr. Pierre Petronelli was also presented to the visitors. Mr. Petronelli is one of the three Natureef ambassadors who act as a representative of particular Natureef Territorial Working Group, cover the respective region and serve as liason between local networks and Natureef.

To better know the results of the visit, General Presentation of Colombia document can be shared upon written request sent to project manager: szaplonczay.orsolya at